For years, the Dyer Memorial Library has been the Massachusetts South Shore's research center for genealogists and family historians of every skill level. We are able to provide researchers with access to some of the most important and valuable genealogy and local history research tools for our region. Our resources are numerous, touching on American, Irish, English, Scottish, and Canadian ancestry.

Researchers for generations to come will enjoy the opportunity to use the numerous resources and files to learn about family life in Old Abington and the South Shore and find their connection to Massachusetts and New England history.

The Historical Society of Old Abington, Inc.'s collections are also housed in the same building with the Dyer Library. The HSOA, Inc.'s collection contains some of the best historical and genealogical resources in the Abington area.

No matter what level of expertise you have in genealogy, from basic beginner to advanced researcher, the Dyer Memorial Library and HSOA, Inc. offer two workshops a year to help you expand and enhance your skill level. Be sure to check out the Events page to find out more information about our genealogy workshops and lectures.

Tips to help you with family history research

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Learn more about Old Abington

The Historical Society of Old Abington, Inc. was organized in 1939 and incorporated in 1986 for the purpose of preserving the 200 years of common history shared by Abington, Rockland and Whitman.

Learn more about what the HSOA, Inc. does and how you can participate!