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Abington Savings Bank, Abington MA
The Abington Savings Bank block was located on the northeast corner of Washington Street and Centre Avenue. The bank built this building in 1883 on the site of Nelson Beal's 1847 house. The arches on the gables and dormers, the arch in the principal stone doorway, and the building's steep roofline reflect this building's medieval style. The building was home to the Savings Bank and the Abington National Bank (both on the first floor), the town offices, the Franklin Hall, and the Franklin Club. Dr. Samuel Ring and Dr. John W. Chessman, both dentists, had offices on the second floor at various times, and retail establishments such as Nash's Drugstore, Packard's Groceries and Godfrey's Dry Goods were located on the ground floor. This building was a favorite subject of postcard publishers of Abington.

The bank block was destroyed by fire on Saturday, November 26, 1960.

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